Important dates

August 10, 2014
Registration for the conference with submission of the full report in accordance with the rules of formatting
August 15, 2014
Notification of report acceptance
August 20, 2014
Deadline for fee payment
October 19–24, 2014


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Conference chairman: Lakhno V.D., Dr.Sci.

Vice chairmen: Ustinin M.N., Dr.Sci.

Scientific Secretary: Makhortykh S.A., Cand.Sci.

Aleksandrov A.A., Dr.Sci.
Arsen'ev A.S., Dr.Sci.
Vasin A.A., Dr.Sci.
Il'in V.A., Dr.Sci.
Kozlov N.N., Dr.Sci.
Korotkov E.V., Dr.Sci.
Markov A.V., Dr.Sci.
Mironov A.A., Dr.Sci.
Nazipova N.N., Cand.Sci.
Riznichenko G.Yu., Dr.Sci.
Romanyukha A.A., Dr.Sci.
Samsonova M.G., Cand.Sci.
Tumanjan V.G., Dr.Sci.
Shabanov B.M., Cand.Sci.
Shaytan K.V., Dr.Sci.

International Program Committee

Chairman: Zhuravlev Yu.I., Dr.Sci., Acad. RAS

Vice chairmen: Kolchanov N.A., Dr.Sci., Acad. RAS
Vice chairmen: Rudakov K.V., Dr.Sci., Corr.Mem. RAS

Archakov A.I., Dr.Sci., Acad. RAMS
Berdyshev V.I., Dr.Sci., Acad. RAS
Chetverushkin B.N., Dr.Sci., Acad. RAS
Degermendj`i A.G., Dr.Sci., Acad. RAS
Evtushenko Yu.G., Dr.Sci., Acad. RAS
Fedotov A.M., Dr.Sci., Corr.Mem. RAS
Frisman E.J., Dr.Sci., Corr.Mem. RAS
J`ij`chenko A.B., Dr.Sci., Acad. RAS
Levin V.K., Dr.Sci., Acad. RAS
Matveev S.V., Dr.Sci., Corr.Mem. RAS
Rubin A.B., Dr.Sci., Corr.Mem. RAS
Shokin Yu.I., Dr.Sci., Acad. RAS