Important dates

August 10, 2014
Registration for the conference with submission of the full report in accordance with the rules of formatting
August 15, 2014
Notification of report acceptance
August 20, 2014
Deadline for fee payment
October 19–24, 2014


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The reports on the following topics (conference secions) are planned*:

  1. High Performance Computing in the modeling of biological systems
  2. Mathematical modeling of the structure and dynamics of biopolymers
  3. Mathematical modeling nanobioelectronics systems
  4. Mathematical modeling of gene and metabolic networks
  5. Mathematical models of information processing in the brain structures
  6. Models of evolution and development in biology
  7. Mathematical modeling in immunology and epidemiology
  8. Biological communities modeling and computational ecology
  9. Mathematical Biophysics
  10. Mathematical Methods for processing and analysis of biological data
  11. Bioinformatics

*should be mentioned in the report’s registration form